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DEREK - Founder/ Brewer/ El Capitan

Derek started his beer-career as a volunteer at a local big brewery in the early 2000's. Years later and after a time reading about the processes, he began as a home brewer making more creative brews as his knowledge and tastes grew. Not only is craft brewing his passion, but Dirty Job Brewing is his brain child.

LASHAWN - Owner/ Records/ Princess Taproom

Lashawn is a quality expert! If you don't think it's pleasin', let her know! She will whip us in to shape and make sure we are putting out high quality brew! She has helped design some delicious brews and is never afraid to get her hands dirty! You can usually find her holding down the Taproom like a champ!

JUSTIN - Owner/ Brewer/ Major Maintenance

Justin is a whiz with his hands and creative in the ways of mechanics. His ideas can be nutty, but help DJB define our character and brews! If he isn't brewing you will find him helping out in the Taproom or taking care of mechanical thangs like a pro!

LANE - Taproom/ Cellerman

Lane is the son of Derek and Lashawn. When he isn't busy with college, his landscaping business, or his job; he can be found at DJB working his tail off either in the taproom, kegging brews, or helping clean the brew kitchen.

RICK - Cellerman/ Taproom/ Events

Never one to say "nope" or "it can't be done", Rick will be seen bustin tail at the brewery or at one of our events. Breakin a sweat to ensure people have good beer is how the Rick do and you can bet he won't let a little elbow grease make him turn around or stop!

COWBOY - Brew Dog/ Bad-guy Biter/ Good-guy Buddy

Cowboy brings us dead things, but mostly gives us love while we drink Dirty Job Brews out on the porch at home or at Fur Friendly events.