We always have 20 taps flowing with different brews. With around 50 different beers, you will always find something new or different! Below is a list of a few of the beers Dirty Job Brewing currently brews. Others on tap may not be listed here. Some can be found in the taproom. Some in various distribution spots. Some at both!

Main Street Wheat

4.4% ABV

Named after our storefront view, this straight American Wheat beer leans on simplicity and easiness. Light and refreshing!

- This Tap Empty -

0% ABV

Tastes like a domestic.

- This Tap Empty -

0% ABV

Tastes like a domestic.


5.9% ABV

West Coast IPA with a refreshing cucumber twist! Cucumber cuts some of the Hop bitterness and replaces with a more garden fresco bitterness.



4.7% ABV

West Coast IPA hopped with only Mosaic Hops! Subtle grapefruit notes.

The Short Stack

5.9% ABV

Our number one selling brew! Maple and pecan combine in this all day porter! Subtle coffee and chocolate notes. Silky mouthfeel and a nice maple/ pecan finish and linger. MADE WITH NUTS

Agave Davida

5.3% ABV

FAR OUT! A perfect mix of Agave nectar and blueberries in this wheat beer that will drive you crazy, maaaaaaan! Tastes like a blueberry muffin.


4.5% ABV

Crisp and refreshing Mango and Orange Hard Seltzer. Perfect for

Summer anywhere but especially on the water!

This Pucker Here!

4.1% ABV

Our blackberry kettle sour! Soured to a 3.1 pH and the rebrewed with fresh blackberries and finished with a Belgian saison yeast, this brings a pleasant pucker while not going overboard!

Broad Street Bock

5.2% ABV

Session bock that is light brown and malty. Crisp mouth feel and clean finish. All day drinkability!




- This Tap Empty -

0% ABV

Tastes like a domestic.


4.1% ABV

All wheat and all Citra hops male this pale ale light and extremely citrusy. Hop heads will enjoy it’s lightness and citrus hops while non-IPA peeps will get a kick out of the lack of bitterness and linger. Great gateway IPA!

No Big Dill

5.6% ABV

Refreshing American wheat beer with a lot of cucumber. Some call it the Spa Beer.

The Big Dill

4.7% ABV

American Wheat Beer made to have a crisp mouthfeel and dill pickle taste and linger.

What's the Dill, Yo?!

5.3% ABV

Our famous Cucumber IPA made with local pickle ingredients! Pickle in a glass and only produced once a year! Get it while you can cuz it won’t last long!

Pickle Bomb

4.1% ABV

Our spicy pepper and pickle blonde ale. Pleasant dill pickle flavor with an easy heat that will make your lips tingle!

BB Killa Vanilla

9.2% ABV

Our vanilla oatmeal stout aged in bourbon barrels. The charred oak of the barrels really shines and settles the subtle vanilla. Strong oak notes and less bourbon that will rock your pallet gently.

BB You Better Watch Stout

7.6% ABV

Our Christmas oatmeal stout aged in bourbon barrels. The bourbon blends well with the nutmeg and cinnamon to create a warm feeling that is perfect for the holidays.

BB Better Off Red

7.8% ABV

Our Irish Red fermented on graham crackers and then aged in bourbon barrels. Solid Irish Red ale base with extra biscuit notes and a sweet but dry finish that is amplified by great local bourbon.

BB The Short Stack

7.2% ABV

Our Short Stack maple pecan porter aged in bourbon barrels. Maple and bourbon pair very well in this marriage of Lewisville Gold and Mansfield Nectar! MADE WITH NUTS

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