We always have 20 taps flowing with different brews. With around 50 different beers, you will always find something new or different! Below is a list of a few of the beers Dirty Job Brewing currently brews. Others on tap may not be listed here. Some can be found in the taproom. Some in various distribution spots. Some at both!

Main Street Wheat

4.4% ABV

Named after our storefront view, this straight American Wheat beer leans on simplicity and easiness. Light and refreshing!

This tap currently out

0.0% ABV


Raspberry Beeret

5.3% ABV

NOT the kind you find at a second-hand store! Our award-winning Raspberry Hefeweizen! Made with raspberry puree.

This tap currently out

0.0% ABV


Fool's Gold

7.1% ABV

Golden Texas IPA with mid-range IBUs and still some maltiness. Some earthy notes with a little citrus.

The Short Stack

5.3% ABV

Our number one selling brew! Maple and pecan combine in this all day porter! Subtle coffee and chocolate notes. Silky mouthfeel and a nice maple/ pecan finish and linger. MADE WITH NUTS

Tis the Saison

7.8% ABV

Forget your pumpkin bull$#!^! Try a new take on fall beer! Golden Belgian Saison with a cantaloupe kick! Hints of clove and ginger with a nice crispness. Mildly sweet and perfect for any season, but especially nice as the leaves change.

This tap currently out

0.0% ABV


Can I Get A Witness?

5.8% ABV

A Belgian Wit beer with tons of citrus. Very light and pale colored beer with naval oranges and lemons processed and added to this brew that is a very easy drinker.


8.9% ABV


Orange and vanilla mix in this flavorful hard seltzer available for a limited time only!




Gimme Samoa

4.4% ABV

Crisp blonde brewed with the leftover cookies from our annual cookie and beer pairing. Fun brew with biscuit notes!


4.1% ABV

All wheat and all Citra hops male this pale ale light and extremely citrusy. Hop heads will enjoy it’s lightness and citrus hops while non-IPA peeps will get a kick out of the lack of bitterness and linger. Great gateway IPA!


5% ABV

A sexy and exciting porter made with blackberries and Sumatra coffee. Slightly caffeinated with a slight blackberry hint and strong coffee notes, this one is a great breakfast beer or night cap!


6% ABV

Rich desert stout with Vanilla, Caramel, Pecan, and Chocolate notes.


5.2% ABV

Vanilla Oatmeal Stout that reads coffee notes, as well. Made with our in-house vanilla extract using vanilla beans and bourbon over several months. Subtle vanilla taste and finish with a strong stout nose.

Atomic Blonde

6.6% ABV

Blonde Ale blended with a secret mix of dehydrated peppers grown in the DIRTY JOB Gardens. Not spicy enough to melt your face, but pleasantly peppery!

This tap currently out

0.0% ABV



6.4% ABV

The dark color will fool your senses. Slightly roasted maltiness gives way to a clean hop kick. Dry hopped with Cascade hops!

BB O.M.G. Blonde

7.1% ABV

Our OMG Honey Blonde Ale aged 18 months in a Bourbon Barrel. Smooth, silky, and well-balanced.


6.7% ABV

A Scotch Ale - Wee Heavy brewed with heather tips. Full of flavor and good on a cold and dreary day to warm the heart.

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